Dental manufacturer and supplier in Mexico

  • Dental manufacturer status recognized for its quality worldwide dental materials
  • We have highly professional personal meeting the standards of dental manufacturers worldwide
  • We develop our own brand with the only purpose of fulfilling your needs in materials and dental products

Medental International, Inc.

Manufacturers of quality dental materials with over 50 years experience.

Our dental composites, cements and chairside materials made in our ISO certified and FDA registered facility are used all over the world.

Medental International has over 50 years experience in manufacturing quality dental products.

Our ISO certified and FDA registered facility produces dental materials used worldwide. We proudly sell our brand. Medental, as well as manufacture private label products (OEM).

Medental Quality

Our materials are of the highest quality to ensure reliable and safe products

Quality performance

Highest quality Materials


The manufacturing process of our products are based on global quality standards

Quality standards

Made to the Highest Specifications


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Private Label

Innovate our manufacturing procedures to provide dental products of the highest quality

We will make our high quality products under your label to give you the brand exposure you want in your markets. Configure the packaging your way in the sizes and quantities that work for you.

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